How it works?

Sign up and create your profile

Showcase your business and say what you specialise in, so people can see they’ve got the right person for the job. This profile also appears in Google searches, so it’s a great advert for your skills.

Search for jobs

Read the descriptions and buy leads for the work you think you’re most suitable for. Our job leads are never sold more than three times, and we show you if you’re 1st, 2nd or 3rd to buy the lead.

Send the homeowner a quote

Once you’ve bought a lead you’ll receive contact details for the homeowner. Introduce yourself and let them know how much the job should cost, offering to visit them to provide an accurate assessment of the work.

Make an agreement

If the homeowner chooses you to do the work they need, speak with them to make all the arrangements. Define what work will be done, when it will start, when it will end, how much it costs and when you expect to be paid.

All agreed? Get cracking

All that’s left now is for you to ace the work. Homeowners can leave feedback on your profile once the work is complete.